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“SATA Plugs can be plugged in the HDD in any direction”

Quotable Quotes

“Microsoft Windows Defrag is for Computer Memory”

“You can use any power adapter for External Hard Drives

Just as long as the plug fits”

“My computer is not overheating because it has a cooler”

“The Sun does not affect floppy disks”

“Dust doesnt matter...maybe I have a virus”

“You dont need to clean your computer”

* Note the swollen caps next to the cooler

“You MUST  use Microsoft Word and Excel to code ecommerce Websites especially your database”

“You MUST use Adobe PDF and Microsoft WORD with SNIPPET TOOL to edit images for your ecommerce website”

“You are doing it wrong using PHP and SQL”

“You are doing it wrong using GIMP”

“Dust doesnt matter” - Infamous Quote!

Most rediculous  and infamous of “Stupid”

Motherboard had 2 swollen caps that needed to be replaced


Removing the bad caps was easy enough - getting the replacements in is never so easy - the motherboard holes are always very tight


Normal method would be to gently insert the caps using very little heat to melt the solder from the opposite side


Another method would be to totally remove all the solder this will allow for easy inserting of the caps


Said stupid method was to make the holes bigger by forcing the solder iron tip right through the motherboard through to the other end and then drowning the holes full of solder


Prior to this said stupid used Solder Flux which binds solder to everything, considering the multi-layers the solder binded everything to everything else


After this disaster said stupid yet argues that

“The motherboard is still working... It only crashes now and then”


Obvious the motherboard was busy burning out which happened eventually frying everything from the CPU to the memory and even the power supply


This is a photo taken from a microscope