Huntkey Smart Energy Light

Huntkey Smart Energy Light
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  • LED smart emergency torch is the latest technology of Huntkey
  • Wireless charging device is designed for future concept
  • Provides people with better life experience with multi-function like multi-level adjustable brightness, auto-sensing emergency light and auto-sensing night light
  • Multi-level adjustable torch light: need lighting, directly remove the torch lights and press the on-off button
  • Auto-sensing emergency light: during sudden blackouts or power failure at your house, the 5 LED spotlight will immediately turn on for instantly find the torch light and conduct emergency measures
  • Auto-sensing night light: the warm-white LED light at the bottom of the dock will turn on automatically when the day comes to darkness
  • Provides very soft night light to help sleep
  • Ultra-professional: five high-illumination spotlight LED lights will turn on immediately after a blackout
  • Wireless charging devices are designed for the future concept
  • Ultra-human-friendly: appearance is designed to be integrated with modern home furnishings, immediately turning on warm night-lights in darkness
  • Usage concept of release upon plugging-in and use upon taking out the plug
  • Ultra energy-saving: maximize energy-saving by using high-quality rechargeable lithium batteries and a smart base design that will switch off when fully charged
  • Ultra-portable: ultra-slim body breaks the traditional mindset and is easy to carry, even during trips
  • Ultra-secure: environmentally friendly Lithium batteries free mind from security worries


  • Input: 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1W
  • Charging and discharging cycle: ≥500
  • Model: W01-220-02
  • Manufactured by: Huntkey


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