Huntkey HA210 All-in-One PC 21.5 Inch Barebone

Huntkey HA210 All-in-One PC 21.5 Inch Barebone
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Unlike traditional desktop PCs, with an all-in-one computer, what you see is what you get, for the life of the PC. However, different from an all-in-one PC, the PIO made by Huntkey only integrates monitor, chassis, cable and speakers into the same case, providing more choices for customers to choose their ideal components like CPU, storage, mainboard, graphics card and so on.

Huntkey PIO is outstanding for its simplicity, quality monitor and cooling system. Huntkey PIO combines the traditional eight cables (monitor power cable, monitor cable, speaker cables, etc.) into one power cable, for a space savings of over 70%. Moreover, A+ widescreen made by ChiMei guarantees high quality pictures as well as a better cooling system, which minimizes heat and power consumption.


  • Grade A+, 21.5-inch, high-definition CMO display;
  • Support Micro ATX motherboard;
  • Comply with Intel radiator, using without boundaries;
  • Extra-thick thermal holder plate to ensure good ventilation


  • Size 415*572*245mm
  • motherboard supported: Micro ATX/Mini-ITX
  • Display 1920*1080 21.5 LED
  • Power Included: SFX 180W
  • Chassis Material ABS
  • Radiator Height≤46mm
  • Hard Drive supported 3.5 *1
  • I/O Port USB*2+MIC*1
  • Camera 1.3 Million Pixel
  • Speaker 3W*2.0 Channel

NOTE: Barebone system does not include motherboard, hard drive, memory, CPU

  • Model: HA210
  • Manufactured by: Huntkey


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