Maxell DVD-Ram disc 4.7gb Data Single Sided Supports 3x Write

Maxell DVD-Ram disc 4.7gb Data Single Sided Supports 3x Write
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  •  Supports 3x Write Speed
  •  Ver 2.1/3x

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What is DVD-RAM?
DVD-RAM is a high-performance, rewritable/recordable, optical disc that enables information to be read, written, erased and re-written again. It acts similar to a floppy disc, where programs can be run from it, data can be stored, or files can be written and deleted. Current DVD-RAM capacity is 4.7GB for a single sided disc and 9.4GB for a double-sided disc. First generation capacity was 2.6GB for a single sided disc and 5.2GB for a double-sided disc. DVD-RAM drives feature backward read compatibility with all CD formats and enhanced durability (100,000 re-write cycles and a 30 + year life span). Double-sided RAM discs can hold more than 14 times that of a standard CD-R. DVD-RAM is the format of choice for such manufacturers as Hitachi, Panasonic and Toshiba.

How does DVD-RAM work?
DVD-RAM is different than DVD-R in that it uses re-writable phase change material rather than the write-once organic dye material that comprises a DVD-R and a CD-R. When writing, a laser heats the phase change material in the disc to about 900-1300F, changing its reflective properties from shiny to dull. If the disc needs to be erased, a laser heats the disc again to about 400F to return the disc to its original shiny state. A laser of lesser power is used to read the written marks. These shiny and dull marks represent data to a computer. They are then interpreted by the computer and then translated into usable information. Second Generation 4.7GB (single sided) and 9.4 (double sided) DVD-RAM achieve their higher capacities by decreasing track width and laser spot size.

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