VSGO Imp Filter Air Blaster for Camera Lens

The simple design aesthetics and Bring you a different Air Blower.

The camera air blower is manufactured by special technology, one-way air inlet channel and the air filter can prevent pollen, dust, mycete and particles, etc. from entering the air blow and eliminate secondary pollution, while preventing dust from entering the camera.

The IMP lens air blower adopts the rumbler-type design, not easy to roll or get dirty, keeping the nozzle away from the ground and dust.

Innovative skin-friendly technology, elastic upgrade materials, dust adsorption rate reduced by 85%,The silicone anti-static technology can improve the problem of silicone static adsorption of dust and, at the same time, maintaining the soft feeling of silica gel.

Dust blowing efficiency increased by 1.2 times, Not only can use air cleaning blower clean your cameras, but can also clean your keyboards, figures and succulents.


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